Linux+DevOps+ AWS-7

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Linux+DevOps+ AWS-7 Live Classes

There is a reason to learn DevOps, that is fact, it is one of the most in-demand skills today. there are over hundred thousand available DevOps jobs in worldwide market and the average salary of a DevOps engineer ranges from USD 120,000 to USD 220,000. KloudLab gives you opportunity to learn and upskilling DevOps knowledge.

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  • 13 students enrolled
  • 800.00$ /Monthly

  • 800.00$
  • Course Includes
  • Live training
  • lifetime access to course content
  • 15 percent theory and 85 percent hands on lab
  • Interview preparation
  • Capstone Project

Focus on

  • SDLC, AWS basic, Linux, GIT and GITHUB, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Docker Hub, Kubernetes monitoring tool.


12 sections • 0 lectures •


  • IT and non-IT Background


  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps is A compound of development (Dev) and operations (Ops), DevOps is the union of people, process, and technology to continually provide value to customers.
  • What does DevOps mean for teams? DevOps enables formerly siloed roles—development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security—to coordinate and collaborate to produce better, more reliable products. By adopting a DevOps culture along with DevOps practices and tools, teams gain the ability to better respond to customer needs, increase confidence in the applications they build, and achieve business goals faster.

  • By definition, DevOps outlines a software development process and an organizational culture shift that speeds the delivery of higher quality software by automating and integrating the efforts of development and IT operations teams – two groups that traditionally practiced separately from each other, or in silos.

    In practice, the best DevOps processes and cultures extend beyond development and operations to incorporate inputs from all application stakeholders - including platform and infrastructure engineering, security, compliance, governance, risk management, line-of-business, end-users and customers - into the software development lifecycle. 

    DevOps represents the current state of the evolution of software delivery cycles during the past 20+ years, from giant application-wide code releases every several months or even years, to iterative smaller feature or functional updates released as frequently as every day or several times per day.

    Ultimately, DevOps is about meeting software users’ ever-increasing demand for frequent, innovative new features and uninterrupted performance and availability.

    In this course we will teach and focus on Demond DevOps tools

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